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How early must I contact you with you the final RSVP head count ?

RSVP Count: You must contact us at least 2 days ( or sooner ) before the date of the party. Your bill will be based on your final head count. We can credit up to ONE no show the day of the party. Anything in excess of this will be your responsilbilty. You have up to 48 hours prior to the party to make changes to your RSVP list. If you have guests in excess of the final head count, we may be able to accommodate them depending on the amount of supplies we have on hand. There is an additional guest fee listed on the package you selected. This is not guaranteed.

What time should the party guest arrive ? What happens if someone is late ?

Please have guest arrive on time. It is crucial that we begin on time so everyone can enjoy the fun. Unfortunately , WE CANNOT go back on activities for late comers (example if we are done with facials and are now in the middle of pedicures, we cannot stop in the middle of pedicures to do facials for a guest who arrives late ) this would impact the flow of the entire party. Thank you for understanding !


Please leave some space for us to park our van near an entrance where we will not be blocked in. We would appreciate easy access, as we have many heavy items to carry into the party area.

What happens if I cancel the party ?

In the event you have to cancel due to inclement weather ( If roads are closed or it is unsafe to hold the party ), illness or unforseen circumstances , we will make arrangements to pick out a new date and time. The deposit will be applied to the new scheduled event date. In the event you need to cancel for any other reason, the deposit is NOT refundable. Cancellation must be completed at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. Sparkle Princess Parties LLC reserves the right to reschedule your event due to unforseen circumstances which include, but not limited to, servere inclement weather or illness.


Please be advised that Sparkle Princess Parties LLC assumes no responsibility or liability to accidents or damages caused during your party to your guests, or your property. Your party host/entertainer will work to ensure that your home and guests are treated with care and respect, however, liability will lie strictly with the client.

Sparkle Princess Parties LLC will not assume any responsibilty or liability for the following; not limited to accidents, damages, injuries, and illness ( including allergic reactions that stem from the use of spa products, or ingestation of food items/while at the party and after the party. By booking and confirming the party, you acknowledge and agree to the aforementioned terms.

Supervision of children disclaimer

We offer a Professional Party Service. Sparkle Princess Parties LLC reserves the right to cancel your event if or when children get out of control. We are there to entertain your guest and provide a meaningful, positive atmosphere for the children. Help us provide the best experience for your special guests so all will enjoy the event, including the host !


Please ensure that large pets are removed from the party area prior to set up, and during the party as a courtesy. We have experience with large dogs and wagging tails of destruction. Keep in mind that we will have a table full of nail polish, and you don't want that on your carpet. Use your best judgement. Thank you.

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