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Sparkle Princess Parties bring girls together in a positive environment where they can be themselves and make their own choices.  The girls choose nail color, facial mask scents, as well as choices they have while making crafts. Owner Kim Smidl believes strongly that beauty comes from within. Once girls attend a Sparkle Princess Party, They are part of our extended family.

Kim Smidl
Jennifer O'neill
Our Pledge

A Sparkle Princess Girl embraces differences in others and is always respectful and kind. She makes her own decisions instead of following what others do. A Sparkle Princess Girl will always have big dreams and achieve anything she puts her mind to throughout her lifetime. She believes in herself, and is proud of who she is without being boastful. A Sparkle Pricess Girl knows that inner beauty is the most valuable asset she has to give.

Our Mission

We believe that there is something very special about every girl. We encourage them to believe in themselves, and remind them that inner beauty is quality that will last a lifetime.

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