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Sparkle Princess Spa Parties are a celebration as well as a time for each of the girls to reflect on what makes her special. They'll spend time bonding together while being pampered in purple and pink sparkly FUN ! At the end of the spa treatments, each girl will officially be crowned a Sparkle Princes.

Where are Sparkle Princess Parties Held ?

Sparkle Princess Parties are held at your home or venue of choice. Some families choose to have their event at their residence while others prefer to book a hotel suite, church, or other available options. Sparkle Princess Parties is a Mobile Party Service for girls. We will travel to your event and provide a service that offers your child an experience she won't forget.

Can Sparkle Princess Parties be scheduled in conjuction with Sumber Parties ?

Yes !!! If you would like to schedule your party in conjuction with a slumber party, please let us know when booking. We may be able to accomodate later start times on Friday and Saturday evenings to meet your needs. Weekly events must be coordinated in advance including summer vacation and school holidays.

Can Sparkle Princess Parties be held for Youth Groups or Girl Scouts ?

Of course ! Give us a call to discuss the details of your event and we will make the neccessary adjustments to accomodate your party.

Can Sparkle Princess Parties be held for Youth Groups or Girl Scouts ?

Of course ! Give us a call to discuss the details of your event and we will make the neccessary adjustments to accomodate your party.

Do you provide professional cosmetology services ?

NO !  All Sparkle Pricess Parties Services and Treatments are strickly for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. We do not use harsh salon grade chemicals or utensils on the children. We apply a yogurt and friut mix for facials that are perfectly safe to eat. We do not offer expert opinion, treatment or advice on health and beauty to parents or children. Our services are for fun and party entertainment for children ONLY, not to be mistaken for Professional Spa Treatments. However, to ensure the best possible "real life " spa experience for all of our little princesses, our parties are always given with the health and safety of the girls in mind.

How long do the Parties last ?

Party times average 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the Package selected, age, and number of girls attending the party. We will arrive approximately 1 hour before the scheduled party time to set up and will require 30 minutes breakdown time after the party is over.

Is there a size or space requirment to hold a Sparkle Princess Party event ?

Our goal is to turn your home or venue into an area of pink and purple luxury !  In order to ensure that you have the absolute best Sparkle Princess Party experience, it is recommended that you provide adequate space for our "mani", "pedi", "facial", and  table for doing crafts stations. The area required will depend on package and services selected at time of booking.

How do I Book a Party ?

Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. When a party date is confirmed, a deposit of $50.00 is required to secure your date. The balance will be due the day of the party. Payment Methods: Cash, Money Order, or Check only. You will recieve an event contract and information sheet from us via email . The contract and $50.00 deposit must be mailed back to 611 Corrington Dr. Raymore, MO. 64083 prior to the party to secure your event date.

What does Sparkle Princess Parties provide for the Party ?

We Provide everything needed to turn your event into Fluffy, Sparkly Fun. In addition to all of our supplies and products, we also bring chairs, a table, table linens, foot stool and decorative pillows. We will transform your venue into room fit for a Princess.

Can each girl choose her own spa treatment ?

No, All girls will recieve the package selected by the family hosting the party. You are free to add additional spa or party services to your package at time of booking. Visit the services tab on the web site for more information on what we offer for add on options and pricing.

Can Party packages be customized ?

Yes! We can customize your party package to meet your unique request. We do not offer "per girl" packages. However, we would  be happy to discuss your party preferences. Just give us a call and we will do our best to make your party as perfect as possible.

Do I need to provide any decorations ?

It is completely up to you. We will provide enough decor to create a wonderful venue. However some families provide additional decorations like balloons, streamers, etc. You can make your party as simple or extravagant as you see fit. 

Do you provide services for older girls or women ?

Sparkle Princess Parties does not typically provide services for girls over the age of 12. However , we will work with you to provide services for girls up to the age of 16 if requested. We are open to doing parties for Sweet Sixteen events as long as the girls are aware that our services are for entertainment purposes only and we do not perform professional spa services.

Do you travel outside the Kansas City Metro area ?

We currently service most of the  Kansas City Metropolitan area up to 50 miles from Raymore, MO. There is a fuel surcharge of $25.00 added to the required deposit when booking  parties more than 30 to 40 miles outside of Raymore, Parties 40 to 50 miles outside of Raymore, MO. will be $35.00

What should the party attendees wear ?

Something comfortable.

What should the party attendees wear ?

We do not recommend having this type of party outside. We would however consider doing an outside party under special circumstances. Please discuss this at the time of reservation.

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